Conservation is hard work. Sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to help.

But what if helping was as simple as playing a game?

Clownfish in Anenome

We create videogames that turn understanding and protecting complex ecosystems into engaging and fun experiences. Whether you’re building a reef or protecting a forest, understanding how an ecosystem works and what it needs to remain healthy becomes a lot easier when you’re controlling it yourself. Using play we let you explore these ecosystems, building and protecting them as well as linking your actions in the game to direct actions in the real world. At Eco Games, we are motivated to support the organisations doing fantastic conservation work across Australia and the globe. We do this not just through education and fun, but also through game-driven conservation micro-donations, that add up to a global network of conservation supporters just like you.


Our Games 



ResilientReef is our first Virtual Reality game for conservation. It allows you to build your very own reef ecosystem, starting with an empty seascape. You have to figure out where coral can grow, plant and nurture your coral, and attract other marine life to move in. As you grow your reef fish, sponges, crustaceans and even turtles might want to call it their home.

You’ll learn which corals grow fastest, which ones are more susceptible to bleaching, and how different combinations of corals make a healthy reef. You’ll even learn which ones prevent others from growing near them through chemical warfare. You’ll learn about the fish that move in, including fun facts on each one. And you’ll learn how to protect your reef from common threats facing coral reefs around the world.

Contact us to find out how to access ResilientReef as a VR game.


Alexandra Coghlan


Alexandra is an Associate Professor in Tourism, a marine and environmental biologist with a graduate diploma in (environmental) education as well as being a Dive Master. She’s been working in nature-based tourism attractions and conservation for nearly two decades now, and is passionate about making conservation fun and interesting for everyone.


Lewis Carter


Lewis is currently a PhD Candidate, researching game design and emerging technologies while working on the project that started Eco Games. He’s still a newbie at diving, an avid lover of games, and will show you photos of his dog Pretzel before being asked. He is always eager to use his skills and knowledge for environmental impact.


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